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3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China

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3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China

China 3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China supplier
3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China supplier 3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China supplier

Large Image :  3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Model Number: Konica digital minilab

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: US$3/pc
Packaging Details: carton box
Delivery Time: 3 days
Supply Ability: 20000 pcs /week
Detailed Product Description
Part: Minilab Part Spare: Minilab Accessories

Please check our new listing minilab parts and printer ribbon

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Product Description

3055002635B / 3055 002635 / 3055002635 / 3055 002635B Idler gear Konica minilab part made in China


Packaging & Shipping

carton box
send by China post mail, DHL etc

Our Services


We offer full range of minilab parts for Noritsu,Fuji,konica and other China made minilabs, like doli,tianda,Sophia minilab.
Main products include:
1. Noritsu / Fuji /China made minilab machine
2. original,China made & used minilab spare parts
3. minilab accessories and minilab necessities
4. repair service, such as minilab laser, aom,PCB, power supply etc.
5. printer ribbon for Epson etc
6. LCD and LCD driver for most brand of minilabs.

Company Information


We have:
Noritsu minilab part,Fuji frontier part,minilab acceories,minilab necessities,aom driver etc

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