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40324155-00 Noritsu LPS24 Pro Minilab Spare Part Pump

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40324155-00 Noritsu LPS24 Pro Minilab Spare Part Pump

China 40324155-00 Noritsu LPS24 Pro Minilab Spare Part Pump supplier

Large Image :  40324155-00 Noritsu LPS24 Pro Minilab Spare Part Pump

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Noritsu
Model Number: LPS24 Pro

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: carton box
Delivery Time: 3 days
Supply Ability: 20000 pcs /week
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Detailed Product Description
Part: Minilab Part Spare: Minilab Accessories

Product Description
40324155-00 Noritsu LPS24 Pro Minilab Spare Part Pump
Packaging & Shipping

carton box
send by China post mail, DHL etc

Our Services


We offer full range of minilab parts for Noritsu,Fuji,konica and other China made minilabs, like doli,tianda,Sophia minilab.
Main products include:
1. Noritsu / Fuji /China made minilab machine
2. original,China made & used minilab spare parts
3. minilab accessories and minilab necessities
4. repair service, such as minilab laser, aom,PCB, power supply etc.
5. printer ribbon for Epson etc
6. LCD and LCD driver for most brand of minilabs.

Company Information


We have:
Noritsu minilab part,Fuji frontier part,minilab acceories,minilab necessities,aom driver etc

poli laserlab chemical filter 250-58-30

chemical filter for poli 3049 laserlab 500x30x60mm

chemical filter for poli 2030 laserlab 356x30x60mm

poli laserlab chemical filter 350-58-30


j391236-00 noritsu lps 24 pro laser control,j391236-00 noritsu laser control,j391236-00 laser control,rubber rollers for noritsu qss 3202,b013955 01 gasket a035199 01 gera,b01687401,a055101-01,h046027-00noritsu,h046027-00 noritsu,a063409 01 cover h007032 00 clutch,a057717 00 duct noritsu qss3101 minilab,a085771,j39123600 noritsu lps 24 pro laser controlj39123600 laser control,noritsu j391002 - 02,a084293,h153169 00 valve cap noritsu lps24,z809035 01 collapsible dark bag a029449 01 regulating guide lid noritsu qss3201 minilab part,j390929 01 noritsu minilab part,for noritsu lower turn belt a049949-01,laser control pcb j391465 for noritsu 3702,for noritsu lower turn belt a060316-01,for noritsu lower turn belt a04994901,a083546 01 pin strong plate strong,i034289a078885-00 roller,noritsu d005319 01,noritsu i034254 00,noritsu cutter,ibeam para minilab noritsu 3501,ibeam para noritusu 3501,aom externo para noritsu 3212,correction board image correction board for qss 2711 image processing pcb j390577 06 image processing pcb 3001,noritsu koki qss 32 33,minilab film processor,digital printing machines,z021341,a057457 01 waste solution tank hose,a058531-01,a05853101,i 040367 blower noritsu,z021270,z021270- nopritsu,i040367,passport photo cutter,z806938-01,z0267030,z0267030-01,a073989,i040315,z019786,z019038-01,z02114201,j390586,halogen lamp i061219,halogen lamp noritsu,noritsu minilab 3502 part,noritsu part,h005019-00,h045100-00,noritsu red laser gun for 32,j390917,pci de control pcb j390342 01 arnet para noritsu 2901 3011 serie,35x45mm cutter,photo lab squeegee roller,a08109901,arcnet noritsu,h15330200,h153302,z01903801,noritsu h007096-00,noritsu h00709600,a125981-01,i038427,noritsu minilab 3300 j390945,noritsu absorber,noritsu qss fuente de alimentacion,j39148900,noritsu lps 24 pro sprocket gear unit,noritsu lps 24 pro sprocket gear unit assembly,printing machinery parts,3702 norstiu printer sper part,3702 norstiu bellow pump stb,3702 norstiu printer sper parts bellow pump stb

fuji 376c1024520b,fuji a360c1059086,a360c1059086 fuji,323g03119,34b7505862,857c967315b,857c1059597b ldd23 pcb,323d981419b,388d1061103c,327d1060169a,136c894036d 1394 fire wire cable,323s3358,c8422-9012k,c84229012k,fuji 330/340 minilab alpha 600,fuji 330/340 minilab alpha 600 alimentacion utiliz,resorte fuji frontier 340,fuji 330340 minilab alpha 600,144c1024590,334h0257a,363c890701a,334d1024777a,334f3644e,334f3642d,323d889964b frontier fuji 370,334c966261c roller rubber fuji frontier 340,pac20 fuji 340 digital minilab,133c1060561,fuji frontier laser gun,rgb laser gun fuji frontier 330,323d890008c fuji frontier 350/370 minilabs,rack frontier lp7700,103h8582-8243,float switch 128h0922e,128h0922e,pump frontier 133y100059,fuji frontier 330/340 lazer,fuji frontier 330340 lazer,fuji minilab filter,fuji pieces de rechange frontier 370,fuji frontier 330 340 aom,fuji pices de rechange frontier 370,sanyo motor type 103h8582-8243,103h8582,noritsu pump,fuji 340 digital machine,fuji 340 minilab chemical starter,24b8085000,125c967469c alpha 600 fuji 340,341d951071,363g03341b,372g03115-fuji-frontier-350-370-minilab,372g03115 fuji frontier 350 370 minilab,334c966261c,327d966725,304d889090g,fuji 570 ctl23,356d1060198 support (ps4),fuji frontier 570 pices356d1060198,327d1060169a lp 5700 minilab parts,363d1060178f,324d1061267a,fuji frontier lp1500sc,film processor,fuji fp363sc film prozessor,fuji fronteira 570,fuji frontier 570 laser

s03006 chain,doli digital minilab belt,a208142 doli,doli 2300 head replenishing pump,doli digital minilab crossover,minilab doli dl-1210 u208111,bomba de resirculacion miniab 0810l,bomba de resirculacion miniab 0810,bomba de resirculacion miniab 0810lminilab doli,doli mini lab spares parts,doli digital minilab bushing,a061403 01



7700 frontier back printer,back printer ribbon for fuji frontier 7700 minilab,a602219-01,z809421-01,a137314-01,j390554,i038160,a076845,j391238-00- switch control p.c.b,j490337,w440131,j391238-00- switch control p.c.b.,a035708,a086653,d005503-01,w413854-01 noritsu,a074137-01,minilab dryer roller,j391183-00,j391656,j391621,noritsu z021336-01,326h0001,a230907,a032080,a097424-00 for qss 29,a078885-01,noritsu j391339,noritsu 3501 belt,conveyor belt noritsu 3201,noritsu 3301 board j390913-01,j390913-01,a078232-01,noritsu j390867-02 printer,noritsu minilab crossover,a002877,h001155,h016800,i091004,j490338,p010247,a072608,back printer of noritsu 3202,j391489,control printer noritsu 3001,w409142-01 motor unit-1,noritsu qss 3300 roller,a069411,noritsu qss 3001 c003941-01,photo machine parts noritsu,photo machine parts,noritsu 3202 a001558-01,103h7123-3141,noritsu digital minilab motor unit,i029130-00,noritsu qss 3300 a047651-01,j391318-01,noritsu a076141,a076202-01,a080147-01,a086527-00,h016780,a078232,absorber noritsu,a035353,b020147-01,print conveyor section for noritsu qss-2901,noritsu roller assy a081727-01,sorter noritsu 3011,noritsu laser repair 3001 b type,a074022-01,d004876-01 noritsu 3501 minilab,photo processing labs,motor cutter noritsu 3501,paper cutter noritsu 3501,i091006,i091102,a062216-01,b025252,a049051,j391231,w410490,w409675-02,z001972,noritsu rollers a078802-00,noritsu 3502 motor i123109-00,w412863,noritsu qss3001 arm unit,z026414,processing racks norithsue 3001,z020657,nipron nsp3b-380p-d4s,i038354,z015136-01,noritsu squeege,noritsu qss 3201 filter,noritsu qss 32 filter,pci arnet control pcb j390342 01 for noritsu 2901 3011,noritsu 120 carie roller,120 neg carrier for noritsu mini lab,a074136,noritsu qss power supply qss-3300,noritsu motor w409675-01,aa02115-01,noritsu 3202 paper cutter,noritsu qss 3501 worm gear,ink ribbon cassette noritsu,noritsu 3801 ink ribbon casette,z028443,w405877,i012091,a051198,a071505 01,conveyor belt noritsu 3501,a032741,a035150,a035155,turn roller noritsu minilab a074137-00,h031104-00,a088782,noritsu 3101 gear part,noritsu 3311 blue gun,noritsu 3001 parts,noritsu 3001 cable,noritsu w405877,a074340-01,a015955,a063398,h153708-00,a072902-00,a069797-00,a081978,a029801,a230909,z025544-01,a046687-01,z807181-01,i021124-00,a099289-01,a069420,a070912,a128760,hk 9522-04,hk-9522-04,hk 95522-04,c003902-01 noritsu filter pipe,i017643,noritsu minilab motor unit w406082,noritsu w406082,w408069-01,a201192-01,a231339-01,a064085,a051048,fuji frontier a050695,noritsu h153066-00,h153691,a060899,a050668 gear pin for qss29 30,noritsu qss 3202 roller a074141,noritsu a035148-01,noritsu lps h153062-00,a035025-00 noritsu,h153326-00,a069653-01,a086570-00 noritsu,a086570-00,a098517-00 roller for noritsu,noritsu j 305941-01,a220128-01,b020497,j391049-03 / j391048-01,i038318,w409142,b017641-00,noritsu a056404-00,w407923-07,a061390,a074718,a074717,h153339-00,a069417-00,noritsu minilab gear a201189-01,noritsu minilab a047651-01,noritsu minilab part a201189-01,noritsu minilab part a032742-01,noritsu minilab part,a064854-01,a058676,a058674-00,i123186 motor for qss32 34 37,i034289 solenoid for noritsu minilab,a076734 00,a128720,noritsu 3202 cutter unit,gear noritsu a128721-01,z021440 calibration plate for noritsu qss,green laser gun for noritsu qss 3001,a058598,noritsu a069411-00,a050633,b209319-01,h005011,i038227,photo lab splice tape,noritsu qss 3201 worm gear,nuritsu qss 2301 temperature board,h016784,noritsu qss belt,a051203-01 belt,i038430,a064854,a029593,a029593-00

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